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Beeautify Radiance Night Cream

$25.00 AUD

Beeautify Radiance Night Cream

Beeautify Radiance Night Cream deeply hydrates and nourishes your skin as you sleep. The Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) combined with the Certified organic Kakadu Plum and Chamomile flower extracts are scientifically proven to minimise skin hyperpigmentation, smooth wrinkles, fine lines and soothe irritated skin. The emulsion’s light texture melts into the skin for a supple luminous complexion.

(This products is available in two different sizes: 50ml or 30ml)

Active Ingredients in formulation:

4% Niacinamide (Vitamin B3)- readily absorbed by skin, this powerful ingredient can support protein synthesis, increasing collagen production helping your skin’s regeneration. Studies have shown that Niacinamide induce decrease in pigmentation and solar elastosis (photoaging).*1

Certified Organic Kakadu plum extract: Native to harsh sunlight exposure, the Kakadu Plum fruit develop a self defence mechanism in order to survive the extreme conditions. Harvested by Australian Aboriginal population for centuries, this fruit defence system is comprised of powerful antioxidants and high levels of Vitamin C (higher than any other fruit in the world) which makes this fruit extract a perfect anti ageing brightening skin regime allied.

The Kakadu Plum fruit has the highest concentration of Vitamin C than any other fruit in the world. Vitamin C is a potent anti ageing ingredient that fights free radicals skin damage.

The hydration locking action of our pure beeswax ensures that actives will penetrate and moisturise your skin overnight.

No Synthetic preservatives or fragrances.

This product does NOT contain any of these:

  • mineral oils
  • phthalates
  • sulphates
  • artificial colours
  • parabens
  • PEGs (polyethylene glycols)
  • triclosan
  • EDTA
  • silicones

Cruelty free – produced by bees loved by their keepers.