Who is Beeautify?

“Beeautify Western Australia” is a privately owned small business based in Yanchep, Western Australia.

Our priority is to source traceable ingredients from ethical local suppliers. The formulations of our skincare range are handcrafted with love and respect for the bees work.

Our customers are conscious consumers who care about the impact their lifestyle choices have on the world.

At Beeautify we too strive to manufacture, market and distribute our skincare range in a manner which reduces the negative and increases the positive impact we have on the environment.

Our formulations are unique, natural and cruelty free.

Our current range:

  • Face: honey cleansers, moisturisers, masks, serums
and - coming soon:
  • Body: balms, bodywash, hand soap, soap bars, lotions
  • Hair: shampoo and conditioner bars, repair
  • Men: shaving cream, lotions

How did Beeautify start?

The idea came from Daniela Boksjo, a Bachelor of Food Science, former fitness trainer and Tai Chi instructor. Dani made a conscious lifestyle change in 2017 when she lived in Sydney’s Northern Beaches and decided to relocate to the pristine beach and sparsely populated district of Yanchep, 65 km north of Perth where she became a beekeeper. She got involved with the Cooperative Research Centre for Honey Bee Products (CRCHBP) in Yanchep and participated in a Honey Hackathon where the honey in skincare idea was refined further. Having spent her childhood surfing in Brazil, Dani realized that was a shortage of skin care range to treat sun damage skin and blemishes caused by years of sun exposure. Her skin and hair needed some more powerful and effective natural ingredients that target her concerns.


This made Dani to kick off a series of product trials, collaborations and consultation with expertise of botanical skincare formulators. Eventually, a honey cleanser was born and refined to include Australian native botanical extracts and Jarrah honey. Further successful products trials were made, and the users loved the Gentle Honey Cleanser so much that the trial group started paying for the samples and had the shipped across the country.

With successful MVP trial, the entrepreneur’s assumption about honeybee products and natural ingredients in skincare were validated and the project were ready to become and venture with investments and new team members coming onboard and co-founding Beeautify in 2019.


Local Yanchep, Perth

Beeautify and its sister business, Yanchep Honey, operate all beehives and beekeepers located in Western Australia, known for one of the healthiest bee populations in the world. The geographical positioning combined with unique flora facilitate the bee’s work and we are able to harvest pure honeys that are very high in antioxidant and antibacterial properties that combined with Australian vitamin and antioxidant rich botanicals to make all skin types nourished and naturally beautiful.

Yanchep is a very special place – it’s the home of the Yanchep Natural Park and the beautiful Yanchep Lagoon and white sandy beaches. An old crayfisher village which has the last 5 years become one of the fastest growing towns in the nation. Only 10 per cent of the workforce is employed by a government department or agency and everyone else works for private enterprises.

Beeautify office is located the newly developed business centre Y-Hub in Yanchep.  is ideal for entrepreneurs and lifestyle seekers like the founders of Beeautify that endeavours to source local products as much as possible. With current events and proof of how vulnerable we have become by the supply chain, at Beeautify, locally sourced ingredient will be a prioritised.


Our Sister Company - Yanchep Honey

At Yanchep Honey we don’t short-change the beekeepers; we help them to make an income from honey sales. Our delicious coastal honey has been carefully sourced from conscious hobbyist beekeepers in the Yanchep area. They love their bees and we love their honey.

"Buying Yanchep Honey supports the small beekeepers
and the community of good people."

We care about the planet and we hope you don’t throw away the jar after you have used it. The best is if you re-use it or bring it back to us and we will swap it for a full (discounted) jar of delicious honey.



YANCHEP from Offshoot on Vimeo.


“Beeautify Western Australia” and “Yanchep Honey” are registered business names and property of Acobea Pty Ltd with Australian Business Number 74106916410. Acobea is required and registered for collecting goods and services tax on all GST eligible products and services sold and consumed within Australia. Pure and raw honey is exempted from GST