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The co-founder, Dani Boksjö, grew up in Brazil, where she spent her childhood surfing. She is now living in the small township of Yanchep, a beautiful community 55km north of Perth, full of wild flowers, native fauna and good waves. She completed her Certificate in Beekeeping in 2018 and became involved with the Cooperative Research Centre for Honey Bee Products in Yanchep. With years of sun exposure catching waves in the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, Dani realised there was a shortage of skincare products that aims to prevent the development of sun damage, blemishes and hyperpigmentation. She remembers her sun-loving vovó (grandma) Jaci (moon), who created natural home remedies, using honey, avocado, pawpaw skins, beeswax and propolis to make her own face, body and hair masks. With a bachelor degree in science and a love for the bees and their work, Dani began developing research-based formulas, combining science with ancient remedies and the power of nature.




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Digital Marketing

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Favourite product: Light Day Moisturiser
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We have teamed up with one of nature's most precious organisms – the Honeybees – to bring you natural skincare that is good for you and the environment. Our products are unique because we formulate with Jarrah honey – a honey produced by bees who foraged the nectar from Western Australia Eucalyptus marginata trees.

Jarrah honey has one of the highest antioxidant, antimicrobial and antibacterial activities in the world. That's why we use it to create innovative and natural skincare products for the conscious consumers, who want a natural skincare alternative that prevents sun-damage, ageing, blemishing and dehydration.

Our formulations are science derived and ingredients are sourced from traceable ethical local suppliers. We care about the impact that our products have on the world. Therefore, we source our ingredients and ensure our products are ecological and cruelty-free.




Our team are made up of professionals who care about the impact for themselves, customers, suppliers, community and the environment.


It’s about doing the right thing. We think of it as the compound of Honesty, Integrity, Trustworthy, Respect, Fairness, Concern and Accountability


The quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate and to genuinely care how others are doing


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Beeautify is a privately owned and locally operated business based in Yanchep (Yandjip), some 55 km north of Perth in Western Australia.

Our customers are conscious consumers who want a natural skincare alternative that prevents sun damage, ageing, blemishes and dehydration of the skin. We have teamed up with one of nature's most precious organisms – the Honey Bees! Our products are unique because we formulate with Jarrah honey – honey produced by bees who foraged the nectar from Western Australia Eucalyptus marginata trees. Manuka honey is often referred to as the most medicinal honey, but few people know that Jarrah honey has one of the highest antioxidant and antimicrobial activities in the world. It has been used extensively in skin healing therapies. High levels of hydrogen peroxide in the honey may contribute to lightening skin blemishes, acne scars and age spots.

Beeautify started as an entry in a "business startup hackathon" in early 2019. Dani Boksjo (BSc) pitched her idea of using a substantial amount of Jarrah honey in a face cleanser which would be helpful (beneficial) in repairing and preventing sun-damaged skin. The idea quickly gained feet and her husband Figge Boksjo, who has an entrepreneurial background in running businesses and projects in large corporations, developed a business case showing that natural honey skincare could really work to help conscious consumers who want a natural skincare alternative that prevents sun-damage, ageing, blemishes and dehydration of the skin.

Trials started and overwhelming positive feedback showed that it was a winning concept. Dani and Figge cofounded Beeautify in late 2019 and as the pandemic hit Australia, the opportunity came about to quit their day-jobs and change career direction to focus entirely on building a successful business.

Beeautify has grown from being a start-up into a business. Skincare products are very well suited for ecommerce as they ship easily and can be sent anywhere around the world with low risk and cost effectively.

The company has tried different channels to reach its target audience; Honey festivals, local markets, giftshops, co-op and collective shops even had a permanent stall at Fremantle Markets in 2020 which was very useful to have access to direct sales to customers.

Today Beeautify has a handful of stockists and intend to grow both with strategic stockist partners (B2B) and continue marketing and grow its online store (B2C). Beeautify is currently not exporting internationally but has plans to establish relations with importers in overseas markets.

Dani is leading the product development and hands-on involved in the daily product manufacturing, whereas Figge is running the team of five members engaged in marketing, sales, logistics, ecommerce, procurement and most importantly - growing the business based on the core values. What sets Beeautify aside from most other natural skincare brands is that we formulate our products with Honey and honeybee products (beeswax, propolis). We are also very firm to live and operate according to our core values; professional, ethical and kind.

As a company, we believe in a business that elevates humanity. We balance purpose and profit. We consider our decisions and the impact they have on our team, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. We want to be a part of the community of leaders, driving a global movement of people using businesses as a force for good.

Dani and Figge currently retains full ownership of Beeautify's parent company Acobea Pty Ltd. The business has grown organically until now, however, there will soon be opportunity for partners with relevant and strategic skills and investors to become shareholders as the company requires in order to grow healthily.

We source traceable ingredients from ethical local suppliers and manufacture our products in our lab facility in Yanchep. We use honey and beeswax from our own apiary (beehives) in Yanchep and Carabooda, as well as from local beekeepers nearby and in the Jarrah forests in the southwest of WA.

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